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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colour me surprised!

Alright, so to be brutally honest, I had a fat weekend.

In fact, I had a fat week.

I managed to be Jenny-riffic for breakfast and lunchtime, but only managed one night of dinner.
Mainly this is to do with the fact that I discovered I can actually put together a not totally inedible meal - and also because I got really stupidly lazy.
I just didn't care - we were away for the weekend and in a way I had left my motivation at home.
By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, I'd eaten my way through a number of things that I really shouldn't have (and they tasted GREAT!)

Sometimes (ladies, support me here) you just can't - can't - stop yourself from eating what looks really good. There are just certain times, ah, of the month, that make that totally impossible.
Combine that with a lack of willpower to be good and no motivation as I was feeling quite good about how I looked, and there was no chance you could have convinced me to be food-conscious.
Keeping in mind, I am now part of a domestically blissful home where I can live out my Betty Crocker dreams and be, in general, a bit of a kitchen queen, it's all the more difficult to be enthusiastic about the food that I've got frozen in the freezer.

No offence intended - we all know I LOVE JC! and also love the food - but seriously, Cajun spiced chicken with leafy Mediterranean salad? You'd want to eat it too.

I suppose I should also tell you I recently rediscovered a skirt I bought for work - when it arrived it didn't fit; even if I tried to pull it up from the bottom or down over my head, it would not go on.
No way, no how.

So when I tried this skirt on, late Tuesday afternoon, I found myself being pleasantly surprised at how it slipped on and zipped up OVER my pants.

It's almost too big!
Oh joy, oh rapture!

Clothes that are too big!

Nothing in the world can make me feel as good as fast as trying something on and it not fitting because it's too big!

You wanna see?


So ... not to be up myself - but I look good!


I should.

After my fat week - I lost 2kg.



I couldn't believe it.

Steph couldn't either.

So this means I can just keep hammering through the bad food right?


I have 3 weeks to get to my goal - 30kg by 1st Sept - and by God, I will do it.

So no more badness (or at least, much less).

I need something to keep me motivated - tomorrow's Friday; I'm bound to figure it out by the weekend.

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