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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Final Countdown


I guess I have to start with a quick apology - I had promised you a double serving of JC-riffic blog post and failed to deliver.
Maybe if you're willing to forgive me, we can work through this together.

Last we spoke, I was getting ready to weigh in and also telling everyone about my exciting plans to go to see Amy Meredith in concert as a reward for cracking the 10kg mark.
I previously told you about the wedding that I am attending - I may have mentioned my goal to get to a 15kg loss by then ...

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Last week (yes, when I was supposed to blog twice and I didn't, stop harping on it!) I went to see Kim and Brooke (Stef's away, but that doesn't mean I miss out) and got to check how far I'd come.
Let me be honest and say that a loss of 900g was nothing if not totally disappointing.

Of course I attribute this lack of performance to my somewhat overzealous drinking binge, and little to no excercise.

I was pretty depressed about not even managing a kilo and didn't feel the need to blog about such a pathetic effort (so there's your reason).

So now we're in the week of the wedding and I have to say I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends and slipping into the infamous dress.
I also feel pretty nervous/excited about the idea of having a day and a half off JC food - this will be a true test of the new food principles I have been learning.

This has been a very exciting week for me, with an opportunity to be interviewed for the management course for my work - the preparation and accompanying stress may have been a factor in my loss this week!
Before JC I might have thought about rewarding myself with a dinner or some kind of sweet treat after all my hard work; now I know that food isn't something I can use that way. Like a junkie or a mad sparkly vampire, bad food is my personal brand of heroin and I need to just stay away.

I had my friend Tara with me last night when I went for my visit to see Brooke.
She waited for me and I think she knew I was nervous about it, though I was hoping that my booze-free week and and the couple of times I excercised had paid off.
I was also preoccupied with the fact that I would have to be working out how I was going to manage my day out of the program.

I hadn't been doing the excercise I should have and again made a plan to improve my activity. We worked out when I'd be going to the wedding and what food I wouldn't need and then the scales were ready.
I waited for Brooke to tell me, with baited breath, and was thrilled to hear the answer; 2.1kg!
I had only missed the 15kg mark by 200g and made a massive comeback from my absolutely abominable outcome from the week before.
I may have lost the 200g by now, anything could happen, so I'm working on the theory that by Friday I will have reached my goal.


I'm so proud and looking forward to showing the girls who I saw during my second week the amazing changes I've already made.

I hope the food is good - it'll be hard to compare to JC!

I'll be blogging on again to let you know how I go, so please trust me when I say that I will be back!

Wish me luck!


Proof that great minds think alike!
Tara's vegie lasagne on the left and my JC lasagne on the right.

Unplanned brilliance!

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  1. YAY! Well done Sweetness! so very proud of you xoxo
    Enjoy your 'reward' & wedding - you so deserve it xoxo