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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I could be a Pornstar ...

An extra blog post?

All for me?!

That's right, you lucky SOB's, a double helping of JC goodness this week (all low-fat, low-sugar and gluten free so you can have twice as much!).

I wanted to give you guys a special Easter reward, seeing as you've all been off work for 5 days and had nothing to read.

So, where to start?
Good Friday (it wasn't too bad) - a lovely lunch with the ladies and conveniently Jenny had somehow managed to give me tuna pasta bake for lunch. Too bad she didn't think about the corned beef in the fried rice at teat time! Ah well, she did what she could.
I travelled with my mum to my cousin's place interstate and spent a lovely night watching amazing birthday cupcakes with butter cream icing in the shape of jungle animals being created - mmmm... butter cream.

The following day was the party of twin 3-year-olds; my family and some close friends got together and had a lovely lunch and let me tell you the cakes were AH-mazing!
Apparently.. of course, I didn't eat one!

Easter Sunday and there was the possibility of many a chocolate egg.
My cousin had a Creme Egg for breakfast - I had toast and an apple.
To be fair, I didn't really feel too bothered by not having any Easter Eggs; I have had one piece of chocolate since I started JC and to be honest I didn't overly enjoy it.

I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen for years before going back to the country city - a fantastic chance to see that even when you might be changing your whole life some things stay just the same, like the laughs and friends who stay with you whether they're near or far.

It was only when arriving at my next stop I realised I had left my dinner in the freezer at my cousin's house - 1.5hrs away.
Not exactly going to drive back for it, was I?

So the old 4 meat, 3 veg, 3 grain, 2 fat rule came out to play - and boy I tell you it was awesome! Not as good as my frozen Beef Casserole would have been but you know, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So after all this I was thinking to myself, "What am I going to do to treat myself after my hard work getting to 10kg?"

It came to me quite easily - a ticket to see Amy Meredith, who are playing in my local area soon and who blew me away when I saw them at Big Day Out (another event I can't wait to attend in minimal clothing as per the status quo)!

In case you don't know who I mean -

That's right; I'd achieved something big and I was going to get myself some Higher Education.

After my return to the city (the real one, none of this country city business) I went to spend some much overdue time with The JC - my Jessica and her family.
One moment of the night which felt a little special was when I went home to get my dinner - I offered to go and pick up the pizzas for the rest of the hungry people I was with.
I may not have mentioned that last week I had an epic struggle with my willpower; I spent almost an entire day fantasising about pepperoni pizza (and I mean literally thinking about eating it for HOURS) and although I didn't break and eat any (all I had to do was think about how I would feel mentally and physically afterwards) I did find the aroma of it wafting from the hot pizza boxes as I carried them to my car a bit more than tempting.

Think Sylvester and Tweety; my body carried along a foot above the ground with my nose pointing me in the direction of the forbidden deliciousness.
As I got into the car, the smell was so good - until I saw the car parked next to me with 'JC' numberplates.
Talk about a reality check - Jenny, you are GOOD!

Now I was not going to give in, or even think about it.

I did perhaps indulge in a few alcoholic drinks; but I had a great night (and let me tell you something, I don't say that about just any old time) which ended late and with a little of a sore head (don't tell Stef I was drinking, she'll kill me!) followed by a date this morning.

The date - well, it was as good as it could be considering my perhaps slightly hungover state - but more importantly I didn't eat any hangover food, I came home and had my required menu items and although I may have also taken a little nap in between lunch and this post I think I did ok.

So there you have it, people; on a weekend where one JC died and rose again, another showed her omnipotent powers and the other drank with me until we were almost dead, I showed that no matter what the occasion, you can eat, pray or love and still not need to eat chocolate.

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  1. hahaha love it! I promise I won't have you pick up the pizza's again, as for the overindulgence of alcholic bevvies - NO PROMISES because it's always too much fun! xo