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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pork Crackling ...

The heat is on!

"Where's the blog, where's the blog?!"

Ok, ok! I'm updating!

So - what can I say?

Tuesday - I did not much, other than look forward to finding out if I had put on weight... I was sure I had.
Wednesday I went to my weigh-in - this is the photo I forced Stef to take.


Another WIN just like Charlie Sheen - 2.5kg!

Thursday - I can't remember so it must have been boring ... Oh yeah, last week's dinner date cancelled on me AGAIN and I decided to enjoy my JC dinner and forget about cooking!

I got stood up on Friday - yes, I know, a hottie like me, stood up?
What the hell?

Never mind - Saturday was spent with some of my favourite big and little people and Sunday was same again.
I managed to see a movie and not even feel slightly sad that I couldn't be eating popcorn - an achievement if you ask me!

So now I'm gearing up for a weigh-in tomorrow and after spending some time (minimal!) on the cross-trainer I'm feeling pretty confident I might make the 10kg mark!
This was my goal for my friend Sarah's wedding - to drop 10kg and fit into a nice dress.
And now I think I'm pretty close I'm going to make my goal to have lost 15kg - and strut my stuff in Bondi next month!

I'll let you know how much closer I am tomorrow..

.. I promise!

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