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Monday, April 4, 2011

Approaching April

So - I have gathered that you all have been waiting intently on my next post.
Apologies - I was busy having a LIFE!
Jokes, guys - of course, I am as committed to the blog as I am to my JC Program - and if you haven't guessed, that's committed!

Since you last heard from me I have had another weigh-in (I know, you've been waiting to hear all about it!) and have to date lost 6.9kgs - a dress size, for those like me who didn't know.
I went to see my lovely Stef last Wednesday - of course, a busy weekend meant that I would have to go in early.
I'd been and seen her only on the Saturday so wasn't really thinking I would have lost anything.
Happily, in the 4 days since I'd last gone to see her I'd dropped another 1.3kg!

I was however starting to stress - I had plans to go out for dinner (with a BOY!) and didn't really want to have that conversation with him just yet.

Stef reminded me that I could still do that - JC isn't about being deprived, or unsocial; it's about making sure you know what you're taking into your body and keeping it in line with the basic outline for any healthy meal.

All I could think was "Four meat, two fat, three grain, three vegetable" during the next day - and then something totally unexpected happened.
We had to change plans.
I had to cook.

Oh God.

What was I going to do?!

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