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Saturday, June 4, 2011

What April Did In May: Part 1

So as I said the other day, I've met Mr Dream Man.

This happened just before the wedding - where I wore THE dress - and we went on our first date the following week.

As an aside, yes I will be posting a picture of me at the wedding but due to my overwhelming sens of "duhhhh" I did not actually get a full-length picture of myself. I know, I know.

So anyway, I went on #1 amazing date with this boy - and #2, and #3 - all of which involved some rather, well, non-JC type behaviour.

Date #1: Cocktails, beautiful Mediterranean dinner, more champagne; as IF I was going to say no.
I'd never eaten Mediterranean either, so my natural curiosity had me intrigued.
Combined with the fact that I was completely mesmerised by him, and the absolute thrill of that first date, all of this did somewhat detract from what might have been an otherwise very focussed week of food.

Date #2: Dinner at the Dendy - again, a first and so an experience I was looking to enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, both times I was very conscious of what I was eating and although I did find myself imbibing far more than what JC would allow of fantastic drinks, I was fairly confident for a loss.

Weigh-in night was Thursday.
I went in to tell the girls all about my week - of course, leaving them grinning at my stories of amazing dates (justifying my total lack of regard for alcohol limits with my "but I had a very good dinner!").

I had a loss, of a MASSIVE 3.3kg, which had me feeling falsely confident.
Ha! I though. The wunderkind returns! Mo√ęt be damned! I can get tipsy and eat good food without worrying too much! Huzzah!





April - you are NOT a wunderkind.
You are a very silly girl.
What I failed to see was that the loss came out in SPITE of what beahviour I had been displaying; my hard work in the previous weeks combined with a very modest intake of champagne at the wedding had given me a head start.

I would not be realistic.
I was caught up in the marvel of meeting someone wonderful.
I was not paying attention.

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