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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Changes for a Big Girl

I'm almost there - I finally left the country city and made my way to Canberra.

I was continuing my career and feeling like I needed a change; my siblings and I had lost our father and this had different effects for all of us.

Things spiralled for me - a move to a new place, living with housemates again and working in a place that was like my old job x1000.

I looked forward to the changes and hoped that I could leave behind my need to eat and drink my feelings.

Jess encouraged me to use this as a way to make the changes I wanted to; a gentle push towards the health she wanted me to get back.

By this time I had stacked up the kilos almost beyond anything I had been before; I bought new clothes at the special fat girl shops and just thought about how great it would be if I could buy them at Cotton On.

Maybe I should have cottoned on to the fact that my father had died from a stroke, had heart problems, and had only just turned 60.

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