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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A big fat thank you!

I was thinking a lot today about all the responses I have gotten to this blog.
It's something I thought about doing last week and suddenly it became a massive thing - I had a JK Rowling moment!
I had created it before I'd even sat in front of the computer and it felt like I couldn't hold it in.

I am so happy and proud that everyone who has read it has seen all the wonderful positive things in it - since mid 2010 I have been living a life less ordinary with every day bringing me new joy.

Moving away from the town I grew up in has allowed me to see the beauty in returning home - somebody once said, "You can never go home again," but I don't believe it.
Home is truly where the heart is - and I leave mine each time with the people I love in that little country city.


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