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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

JC - the Other Saviour

So now - here we are.

After a few months of stopping and starting - buying a cross-trainer, promising myself to eat healthier, giving up fast food and finally realising that none of that worked if I wasn't committed, I got here.

Another friend had started Jenny Craig - and had fantastic success - when I realised it was something I could do too.

If I wanted to see another birthday - I would take my chance.


I suggested it to my friend Teena and she thought it was a fantastic idea.

She even offered to help me get started by paying for my initial fees.
I made a call while on holiday and arranged to see a consultant at the local centre when I returned.

I told close friends that I was planning to start and everybody had the same reaction - "Wow, Apes, that's fantastic."

Jess was right.
I probably should have realised that.
People cared - they wanted me to be happy and healthy.

I saw my consultant and felt free to be honest about all the reasons I was the way I am.

I thought I'd cry, or be embarrassed, or something - but I just felt relieved.
I was in the hands of experts and I was going to make it work.

1 comment:

  1. April, I just stumbled across your blog on facebook.

    What you have written is amazing, you are also very talented with writing words and not only singing them!

    I am so happy for you losing weight already! A big congratulations!!
    PS. I would like to make sure people know that you shared that giant cupcake with like 10 people!! hahaha

    Keep up the good work xoxo