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Monday, March 21, 2011

Confessions of a Big Fat Drama Queen

Finally, after whatever the hell happened between 1997-98 (I was too busy eating...?) I realised I was good at something.

I had started Drama as an elective and we were having a school play.
Wasn't I always being called a drama queen?
Now was my chance.
Lucky me, I could also hold a tune and the musical was "Little Shop of Horrors".
I got to mix with the older kids (people a bit more my size) and show off the talent I had.
Modesty being the key, I'll tell you I wasn't the best person in the show.

I was the second best - the other guy was pretty much the coolest, most talented and popular guys in Year 12.

He's married to the girl next to me in this photo.


So I got to feel a bit like being the big fat one didn't matter.
I still insisted that I had to cover my arms for the show, as I felt these were a particularly bad part of my body.
But I felt - cool.
And a monster was created.

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