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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So many JC's - so little time...

In 2004 I met someone very special - another JC who really started all of this for me.
Jessica, at the time a recently single mother of a beautiful little girl, was the unfortunate victim of my confidence when she moved to my town.
Luckily - for her, and for me - that was the beginning of a friendship that has grown and seen amazing things happen.
A husband, two more beautiful children, and an amazing figure - Jess, not me.
She and I became and remained close friends, withstanding moves to and from the town where we met and many other trials.

I think it's important to me that Jessica get a special mention - she doesn't realise, but she's the only person who ever really made me see how much I needed to lose weight - for me and for the people who love me.

I guess you can blame her for this blog too!

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