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Saturday, March 26, 2011

More of a winner than Charlie Sheen

I may not be drinking tiger blood as part of my new healthy life, but I can tell you right now - I feel great!

After an unexpected night out (driving, of course, because unlike Charlie Sheen I can see the benefits of not being hammered), I went to work and spent the entire time anticipating my appointment with my JC consultant.

I was super excited, feeling that even though I had not been as good as I could have been (a hen's night last weekend saw me channelling Pete Doherty - enough with the Charlie Sheen jokes), I had stuck pretty well to the program.

For example; during this week we had a morning tea for one of our leaving staff - it was a beautiful spread of warm ham and cheese croissants, jammy sweet pastries, chips, dips, chains, whips - no, wait - salsa, cake and crackers.
I can happily admit - and have witnesses - that I did not even consider eating anything from that goodie-laden table.

I didn't feel left out, I didn't feel sad, and I didn't feel like I might need to sneak back later and eat something.
I felt strong, and confident, that I didn't even want anything that I saw in front of me.
It just wasn' t worth eating something and feeling bad about it - and let's be honest, why would I want bad food? I eat so much good food each day I just don't have room for bad stuff!


I bet you don't think this looks great, right?
I bet you're thinking, "Oh, I see, tiny pre-packed meals with no taste and crappy frozen ingredients - there's no way I would want to eat that!"


I guess you might be right - it is frozen and pre-packed. Other than that, it's nothing short of amazing!

So I guess you're all dying to know how I went at my weigh-in?
Let's not pretend you came here to read about my dinner on Wednesday or a morning tea I didn't eat.

You want to know if I made some progress.


Here's the thing.
I like playing games.

So I'm going to let you guess.

This post is your clue - you tell me how much difference I've made.



  1. I don't know what the difference is but you are definitely WINNING!!!!!!!

    In a good way - not a sad, drugged-out, pathetic Charlie Sheen way. Although I still vote you start a porn family some day.

    ♥ ♥ ♥